Welcome to Trainer Tower!

Welcome to Trainer Tower!

As you are all new to this site – We are Trainer Tower and  want to share Competitive Pokémon with you.
We endeavour to share our knowledge and enjoyment of the game, through passionate and detailed articles, analysis and guides.

What started as a hobby blog amongst a few friends, soon became a much bigger idea. After many hours of discussion and Skype calls we finally reached a conclusion; Trainer Tower. Since then, a lot of work has gone in behind to scenes to establish, what we hope to be, the premier VGC strategy website. Already, we have had the pleasure to reach out to many respected community members for their help, opinions and support.

Naturally, the site somewhat bare and there is still work to done. We ask you to stand by us as we build a community to support one another with new ideas, resources and results coverage.

From all the team at Trainer Tower, welcome! We look forward to an exciting future!

Trainer Tower | Your journey to the top! 

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