VGC19 Guide Series – Ultra Series: Mega Gengar

Welcome to my Pokémon VGC 19 Guide Series. Within this new Pokémon Guide series we will be looking at the Pokémon VGC 19 Ultra Series! Points to be covered include changes to the VGC 19 format with the introduction of Mega Pokémon, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, Mega Rayquaza and Ultra Necrozma. Hopefully this series gives you all a better idea of what to expect going into the final series of this competitive Pokémon season.

Today’s episode is an introduction guide into the Pokemon VGC 19 Ultra Series looking at Mega Gengar the changes the format is undergoing as we move into the last series of the VGC 2019 season.

One of the aspects I wanted to include within this guide series were sample teams for you as players to have access to which I hope will help you get started within this format which can be found in the description of the video, or in the Ultra Series Sample Teams post!

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