VGC 2018 Speed Tiers

With the unveiling of VGC 2018’s standard ruleset comes a slew of new Pokémon to consider during teambuilding, and with them comes a wider range of Speed stats that just weren’t present in the relatively sluggish VGC 2017 format. While together they look a bit like a reference table in a mathematics textbook, Speed tiers are what drive turns in Pokémon. Knowing whether your Pokémon is going to move before or after its opponents is essential to winning battles and avoiding unnecessary damage. This list should help you get a feel for the relative Speed of each Pokémon and what nearby threats are faster or slower than them, thereby making it easier for you to construct your team.

As always, here are some helpful hints about Speed before the table:

  • Discounting the bonuses and penalties of a Pokémon’s Nature, the difference between a 0 IV in Speed and a 31 IV is 15 points in Speed and the difference between 0 EVs and 252 EVs in Speed is 32 points with an odd IV or 31 with an even IV.
  • Choice Scarf boosts Speed by one level (*1.5). Tailwind boosts Speed by two levels (*2). Thunder Wave halves speed (*1/2). Icy Wind reduces Speed by one level (*2/3). Iron Ball reduces Speed by two levels (*1/2).
  • A Pokémon’s Speed is always a whole number. Like most of the math in Pokémon, Speed calculations round down, so a Pokémon with 101 Speed would have 151 Speed when holding a Choice Scarf, not 151.5 or 152.
  • The turn order of Pokémon is decided before a turn starts, with the exception of Mega Evolution mechanics (which aren’t particularly relevant in VGC 2017 anyway). If you use a move that changes a Pokémon’s Speed level (like Icy Wind) you retain the Speed value you had before the turn started until the next turn. The only exception to this rule is the move Quash.
  • There is a 50/50 chance of each Pokémon moving first if two Pokémon have the same Speed. This is some of how Speed Tiers got their name, though Game Freak has enjoyed putting Pokémon at a much greater variety of Speeds in recent iterations of the game compared to the older games, when any popular Pokémon were tied at base speeds like 100.
  • In the tables below, a boost level of 1 typically signifies either a Choice Scarf or an actual boost in the Speed stat, either by Speed Boost or a move like Dragon Dance or Quiver Dance. A boost level of 2 signifies either two turns of Speed Boost or a weather-related boost. You can check exactly how a Pokemon has been boosted in the Remarks column.

Every Pokémon listed below has either 0 or 252 EVs in Speed and a 31 or 0 IV in Speed. In real life, you’ll probably see more variance than this, so what a list like this really does is help you find absolutes: these are the fastest and slowest Pokémon can be with the given Natures. Since taking unnecessary risks tends to be the fastest way to lose in Pokémon, you can use this information when planning your team to make sure that your Pokémon will move before important threats that can knock your Pokémon out, or if that is unreasonable or impossible, to know when defeat could be a turn away and you need to switch out to a more appropriate counter to fend it off.

This list can also help you figure out how much Speed you really need: if all the things you want to counter only require your Pokémon to invest 100 EVs in Speed, you’re probably going to want to invest the rest of your EVs defensively instead of running more Speed EVs that might not accomplish very much.

SpeedPokemonNatureEVsBoostIVsBase SpeedRemarks
356Raichu-AlolaPositive252231110Surge Surfer
334Salamence, Volcarona, ZapdosPositive252231100Tailwind / Quiver Dance
300KingdraPositive25223185Swift Swim
283Mega SalamencePositive252131120Dragon Dance
280ExcadrillNeutral25223188Sand Rush
274KingdraNeutral25223185Swift Swim
264Venusaur, BlazikenNeutral25223180Chlorophyll / Speed Boost
261BlacephalonPositive252131107Choice Scarf
258Mega SalamenceNeutral252131120Dragon Dance
252Thundurus-TherianPositive252131101Choice Scarf
250Mega Charizard X, Salamence, Volcarona, Zapdos, StaraptorPositive252131100Choice Scarf / Quiver Dance / Dragon Dance
244Mega Swampert, LudicoloNeutral25223170Swift Swim
241Tapu LelePositive25213195Choice Scarf
235Landorus-TherianPositive25213191Choice Scarf
231GarchompNeutral252131102Choice Scarf
229Thundurus-TherianNeutral252131101Choice Scarf
228Mega Charizard X, VolcaronaNeutral252131100Choice Scarf / Quiver Dance / Dragon Dance
226Rotom-Wash, Rotom-HeatPositive25213186Choice Scarf
225HydreigonNeutral25213198Choice Scarf
222Mega AerodactylPositive252031150
220Tapu LeleNeutral25213195Choice Scarf
217BlazikenPositive25213180Speed Boost
216Mega SceptilePositive252031145
214Landorus-TherianNeutral25213191Choice Scarf
205Mega LopunnyPositive252031135
202Mega TyranitarPositive25213171
201PolitoedPositive25213170Choice Scarf
200Tapu Koko, Mega GengarPositive252031130
199GyaradosNeutral25213181Dragon Dance
198BlazikenNeutral25213180Speed Boost
189Mega SalamencePositive252031120
187Mega LopunnyNeutral252031135
186TyranitarPositive25213161Choice Scarf
183Raikou, Persian-AlolaPositive252031115
182Tapu KokoNeutral252031130
178Mega Metagross, Latios, Gengar, Raichu-AlolaPositive252031110
177Kartana, Ninetales-AlolaPositive252031109
168Landorus, Thundurus-TherianPositive252031101
167Mega Charizard Y, Mega Kangaskhan, Salamence, Volcarona, Zapdos, StaraptorPositive252031100
161Tapu Lele, ArcaninePositive25203195
152Mega Charizard Y, Mega Kangaskhan, Salamence, Volcarona, Zapdos, StaraptorNeutral252031100
150Tapu FiniPositive25203185
147Tapu Lele, ArcanineNeutral25203195
145Venusaur, Mega Venusaur, Blaziken, Mamoswine, Togekiss, ChandelurePositive25203180
139Tapu BuluPositive25203175
138Rotom-Wash, Rotom-HeatNeutral25203186
137Suicune, Tapu FiniNeutral25203185
135Mega TyranitarPositive25203171
134Breloom, Bisharp, Politoed, HitmontopPositive25203170
133Gyarados, MiloticNeutral25203181
132Venusaur, Mega Venusaur, Blaziken, Mamoswine, Togekiss, ChandelureNeutral25203180
127Tapu BuluNeutral25203175
122Mega Swampert, Breloom, Bisharp, Politoed, HitmontopNeutral25203170
115Tapu Lele, ArcanineNeutral003195
106Rotom-Wash, Rotom-HeatNeutral003186
105Suicune, Tapu Fini, CresseliaNeutral003185
101Gyarados, MiloticNeutral003181
100Venusaur, Mega Venusaur, Mamoswine, Togekiss, ChandelureNeutral003180
90Politoed, HitmontopNeutral003170
85Gothitelle, PelipperNeutral003165
81Celesteela, TyranitarNeutral003161
80Aegislash, Oranguru, Sylveon, Abomasnow, SwampertNeutral003160
73Celesteela, TyranitarNegative003161
70Azumarill, Muk-Alola, SableyeNeutral003150
65Marowak-Alola, ConkeldurrNeutral003145
63Gothitelle, PelipperNegative00065
60Rhyperior, RhydonNeutral003140
58Aegislash, Oranguru, Sylveon, AbomasnowNegative00060
45Marowak-Alola, ConkeldurrNegative00045
40Rhyperior, RhydonNegative00040
31Snorlax, Amoonguss, Reuniclus, Wishiwashi-SchoolNegative00030
22Torkoal, Ferrothorn, EscavalierNegative00020


  1. James Asberry Oakes

    Thanks for posting this, I feel that this will be a very useful tool moving forward to VGC18. ?

    If I can make one suggestion/request though is there anyway you can add Mega Loppuny to this list?

    • Hi, unfortunately at this point in time Mega Lopunny isn’t looking like it’ll be a very significant force in VGC 18 due to the generally higher level of power and the rise of strong Fairy-types as compared to VGC 15. Unless it proves to be very strong in the format, we’re going to be leaving it out for the speed tiers so as not to clog them up unnecessarily.

    • no problem

    • wait why isnt lycanroc in here? its the fastest mon in the format

  2. Where is mega sceptile?

  3. I’m sorry, ins’t Kabutops in the Alolan Pokedex as well?

  4. Anyone else unable to see the chart?

  5. How come Positive Speed Nature Venusaur (under sun), Ludicolo/Swampert (under rain) are not listed on here?

  6. How come Positive Speed Nature Venusaur (under sun), Positive Speed Nature Ludicolo/Swampert (under rain) are not listed on here?

  7. Just A random VGC player

    Mega Tyranitars speed is not 202 when 252 positive but 135

    • Just A random VGC player

      The speed stat is correct, but there is nothing that said after +1 dragon dance so please add these 2 words

  8. Looks like neutral 252 Speed Pelipper didn’t make it on. 117 speed

  9. Just Another random VGC player

    why isnt porygon-z on the list? it is pretty viable in vgc2018.

  10. Just That one random VGC player

    why isnt kommo-o on this list?

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