VGC 17 Anaheim Regionals

Anaheim, California : February 19th, 2017

1st. Gavin Michaels (KingOfMars):

2nd. James Eakes (Eakes):

3rd. Kamran Jahadi (kamz): Form

4th. Raghav Malaviya (Mudhiman):

5th. Tyler Bennett (AtTehCross):

6th. Riley Factura (GENGARboi):

7th. Giovanni Costa: 

8th. Anthony Jiminez (Dark Assasin): Alola Form

9th. Aaron Zheng (Cybertron): Alola Form

10th. 97CwTMx.png Nelson Ocampo (cranidactyl): Alola FormEast Sea

11th. Shreyas Radhakrishna:

12th. Alicia Martinez:

13th. Image result for thailand flag icon Jirawiwat Thitasiri: Alola Form

14th. Sam Johnson (RastaCharmander):

15th. Alia Lee (Yumeka):

16th. Gary Qian (Hitmonqian):


Usage Stats

Pokémon Amount Used % of Teams
Arcanine 12 75.00%
Tapu Fini 9 56.25%
Garchomp 7 43.75%
Tapu Koko 7
Celesteela 6 37.50%
Porgyon2 6
Tapu Lele 4 25.00%
Kartana 3 18.75%
Mimikyu 3
MukAlola Form 3
Nihilego 3
Araquanid 2 12.50%
Gigalith 2
Krookodile 2
Mudsdale 2
NinetalesAlola Form 2
Pheromosa 2
Snorlax 2
Vikavolt 2
Buzzwole 1 6.25%
Clefairy 1
Dragonite 1
Drifblim 1
Eevee 1
Flygon 1
GastrodonEast Sea 1
Gyarados 1
Hariyama 1
Magnezone 1
Mandibuzz 1
Marowak 1
Metagross 1
Murkrow 1
Salazzle 1
Talonflame 1
Xurkitree 1


  1. Are you guys sure about Aaron not being in top cut? Im pretty sure he was.

  2. Gavin did it again; no tapus, no UB and about the same team as NoCal. wow, just wow

  3. anyone scouted the essential moves from gavin’s team?
    I wanna try and see for myself how strong TR team can be on battle spot or if it is a tournament kinda thing

  4. tbh, gavin’s team aint that hard to beat if gavin’s not playing it.

  5. Does anyone know the Salazzle’s set?

  6. Why is Gavin using lunge instead of leech life on Araquanid? Especially since he’s using sub…

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