Trainer Tower Open – Meet the Top 8 Players

The Trainer Tower Open started with 393 players, now only 8 remain. With 7 different countries represented in Top Cut and players requiring a 9-2 or 8-1 win to loss record, those that remain have proved that they are capable and able to compete with the strongest players across the globe. Players who win in Top 8 will earn a Trainer Tower Invitational invite, and the opportunity to play for a $1400 prize pool.

Top Cut Stats

Huge thank you to DaWoblefet for collecting the stats below!

Top 8 Countries

  • United States
  • Australia
  • France (2)
  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Singapore

Top 32 Teams

Top 32 Teams

2thyfor (US) – 
ApplePieVGC (NL) –  
Brady (US) – 
Carson (US) – 
DaWoblefet (US) – 
DiddyVGC (IT) –  
Donguk Jung (KR) –
emforbes (US) –   
Feis (DE) – 
Fevzi (DE) – 
FlamingVictini (US) –
Footstool (US) –
Gui (PT) –  

Knappi (DE) –
Lore95VGC (IT) – 
Mally (IT) –  
Mitch (AU) – 
ModernGamer (US) –
MogarVGC (AU) –
MrJellyLeggs (GB) – 
Nails (US) –

Psycho (IT) –
RadiumH3 (FR) –
Shaman (SG) –
Spurrific (US) – 
Therebolh03 (ES) – 
vaque_rocky (IT) –
Viper (DE) –
Xenoblade Hero (GB) –
Yale (FR) – 
zwinne (DE) –

The Players

Knappi (DE)


Notable Trainer Tower Open Wins: KillerQueenVGC, GhostyInfinity, Footstool, Brady

Previous Achievements: Day 1 Worlds competitor 16, 17 & 18, 2nd place Birmingham Regionals 2017, 2nd place Prague Special Event 2018, 3rd Milan Special Event 2017

About Knappi

Knappi has earned his World Championships Invite in every full year of VGC he’s played, with results across all of Europe alongside winning 6 Midseason Showdowns this season alone! With Top Cuts at Regionals and Special events in England, Italy and Czech Republic over the past two years Knappi has become a player feared across all of Europe.

In the Trainer Tower Open he lost Round 2 to Dinis, a player who went on to Top Cut. After this loss, Knappi committed to the Trainer Tower Open only losing Round 7 in a close set against DaWoblefet. In Top Cut Knappi reached Top 32 against Footstool, the top seeded player and the only player to be undefeated in Swiss. With a 2-0 in this set followed by another 2-0 against US player Brady, Knappi has been undefeated in Top Cut games with a 6-0 record. Throughout Swiss, Knappi primarily used two teams, and managed to Top Cut without a Ground-Resist. In Top Cut he decided against continuing without a Ground-Resist, and chose to use an archetype featuring Gardevoir for the remainder of the event. In Top 8 he will play Emforbes, and is aiming to continue his dominance in Top Cut of the Trainer Tower Open.

Emforbes (US)


Notable Trainer Tower Open Wins: Rpindahouse, FlamingVictini, Tiddvicious, Shao, Fevzi, 2thyfor

Previous Achievements: Top 4 San Jose 2016, Top 16 US International Championships 2017, Top 8 Anaheim Open 2017, 2nd San Jose 2018

About Emforbes

Emforbes has been playing VGC for many years, with two Regional Champion titles under his belt in the Seniors Division alongside multiple Top Cut finishes. He continued his string of results into the Masters Division Top Cutting San Jose in 2016 and 2018, as well as a Top 16 at the 2017 US International Championships. He currently is 4 Championship Points away from his 2018 World Championships invitation.

In the Trainer Tower Open Emforbes started 4-0, however lost to AnimusVGC (5-3) and 2thyfor (6-2) and fell to 4-2. Emforbes didn’t let this discourage him however, and won the following two rounds to Top Cut. In Top 16 Emforbes faced one of his Swiss losses, 2thyfor, and took the close set 2-1 to advance to Top 8. Emforbes has used various teams throughout the Swiss Rounds, however almost always included Landorus-Therian in his team. As for preparation, Emforbes primarily practiced in bets-of-three sets with his friends, as well as ladder games to prepare his team for each week. Of all the Top 8 players Emforbes hasn’t played any of them throughout the tournament, however, he has played his Top 8 opponent Knappi in both NPA and at the Anaheim Open. The set record currently sits in Emforbes’ favour, however with Knappi currently 6-0 in Top Cut games he’s going to be no pushover in this Top 8 set.

Lore95VGC (IT)


Notable Trainer Tower Open Wins: SamVGC, Chalkey, MasterWizardVGC, SefranekVGC, zwinne, YoungMora, JUNIO, Mogar

Previous Achievements: Day 1 Invite 2016/2018, T16 Italy Nationals 2016, Day 2 T32 London IC 2017, T16 Stuttgard Regional 2018, NPA 7 Finalist with Rollouts (6-3 record)

About Lore95VGC

Lore has been playing VGC since late 2015, quickly picking up VGC and earning his Worlds Invitation in his first full year of VGC. Roughly one year after he begun VGC he made Day 2 of the London International Championships, a feat even veteran VGC players struggled to do. His VGC ability was noted this year when he drafted for NPA, with a 6-3 record against some of the best VGC players in the world he’s proven he can compete alongside them.

In the Trainer Tower Open Lore suffered his first and only Swiss loss in the second round, only to finish 6-0 from there onward to be seeded 7th in his flight. Throughout Swiss and Top Cut Lore has primarily enjoyed using teams centered around Kommo-O and is even using a Kommo-O team featuring Illumise in Top Cut. Primarily Lore has practiced with and been supported by his friends in the Lightning Squad, who he thanks for his success in the Trainer Tower Open and all VGC events he competes in. Of all the players in Top 8 Lore has only ever played against Knappi, who he defeated 2-1 in a close set. He will be facing Yale in Top 8 in a four Pokemon mirror match. The use of Illumise in this match up is worth noting, as we haven’t seen it be used in a Kommo-O mirror match thus far in the tournament.

Yale (FR)


Notable Trainer Tower Open Wins: LLeonard, MaddoJr, FlamingVictini, Therebolh03

Achievements: Pokemon Showdown Ladder #1

About Yale

Yale is the youngest of Top 8 players, and hasn’t had the opportunity to travel for events. Though not known for his results at events, Yale has reached the top of the Pokemon Showdown ladder on various occasions which is a feat not too many have achieved.

With a rough 1-2 start in Swiss Yale managed to not only go 5-0 in the following rounds, but also went 6-1 in games against players seeded above him in Top Cut rounds. Yale switched up his Mega Pokémon after his 1-2 start and begun using Mega Salamence for the remainder of Swiss and Top 64, only to make the decision to switch to Mega Gengar and Kommo-O for Top 32 onward. As Yale hasn’t played too many events he hasn’t had the chance to defeat any players in the current Top 8 and will face off against Lore95VGC in a four Pokémon mirror match. Azumarill is one Pokémon of note that Yale has over Lore, and whether or not this comes into play throughout the set will be interesting to watch.

MrJellyLeggs (GB)


Notable Trainer Tower Open Wins: Galactic, PinkSylvie, Shabarai, Viper, Xenoblade Hero

Achievements: Day 2 Worlds competitor 15, 16, 17 & 18, Wakefield Regional Champion 2016, Liverpool Regional Champion 2016, Malmo Regional Champion 2018, 13th World Championships 2016

About MrJellyLeggs

MrJellyLeggs is a household name in VGC, with three Regional Champion titles under his belt as well as being known as one of the most innovative VGC players. As the only player to have attended 4 World Championships and even reach Top Cut in 2016 MrJellyLeggs is far and wide the most decorated player in Top 8.

After a 2-0 start in Swiss MrJellyLeggs ‘accidentally’ submitted a team featuring Spinarak for Round 3. Though it wasn’t quite as effective as the Cottonee he used to win a Regionals, he did manage to win a game in Round 3 before losing the set. With another loss following in Round 4, MrJellyLeggs won four consecutive sets to Top Cut and had to defeat the second highest seeded player in Xenoblade Hero to reach Top 8. When questioned on his team decisions throughout the event, he simply responded with ‘Kommo-o is considerably above average,’ which he has obviously proved. In Top 8 he will face against Mitch, a player who is one of the most decorated Kommo-O users and someone who has committed to using Kommo-O since the beginning of the VGC18 format. This Top 8 set features a veteran of VGC against a veteran of Kommo-O teams.

Mitch (AU)


Notable Trainer Tower Open Wins: FlamingVictini, blckkkkkk, Sefranek, zwinne, Nails

Achievements: Day 1 Worlds competitor 15 & 16, Currently Top 8 CP APAC 2018, Top 16 Oceania International 2018, 2nd Perth Regionals 2018, Top 8 Melbourne Regionals 2018, 

About Mitch

Mitch is one of a few Australians still in contention for a Day 2 World Invitation this year, and has shown consistent results through the year already. With a 2nd place at Perth Regionals this year, followed by another 2nd at the Hobart Special Event, and even a Top 8 at Melbourne Regionals, Mitch has definitely proved he’s one of APAC’s top players.

With a 6-2 in Swiss being his worst Swiss record this year it’s no surprise he’s been able to reciprocate that result in the Trainer Tower Open. Throughout the event, Mitch has only used teams centered around Kommo-O with five different variations of the team he developed. Mitch lost Round 2 in Swiss to Chrisley, a player who also defeated RadiumH3, and Round 6 to Gui, who made Top 32. In Top Cut, Mitch even managed to defeat a team featuring two Fairy-Type Pokemon, a team he had to prepare for and play flawlessly against the beat. In Top 8 Mitch will face MrJellyLeggs, in a match up he said he thinks will be quite challenging.

RadiumH3 (FR)


Notable Trainer Tower Open Wins: Charles McGill, Psycho, Spurrific

Achievements: Day 1 Worlds competitor 18, Top 32 London International Championships 2017, Drafted by winning NPA 7 Team, Undefeated In 2017 World Cup

About RadiumH3

RadiumH3 is relatively new to VGC, with his first full year of VGC in 2017. Despite this, he was chosen to be on team Rest Of Europe for the 2017 VGC World Cup and later drafted in NPA 7. In the 2017 World Cup he was able to go undefeated in both sets and games, and helped his NPA team, the New Bark Loud Puppies, win this season of NPA. This season he has already earned his World Championships Invitation with most notably a Top 32 at the London International Championships.

In the Trainer Tower Open RadiumH3 had a somewhat rough start to the tournament, losing Rounds 3 and 5 before winning the following three rounds to Top Cut. Throughout Swiss RadiumH3 used varying teams, with 7 different Mega Pokemon across 8 Swiss Rounds and Top 64. He primarily used ideas from his friends and NPA teammates when building for each week, and generally had very little practice with each team going through Swiss. In Top Cut, he submitted a team featuring Mega Gardevoir, and most notably defeated Spurrific, a veteran US player who was seeded 3rd going into Top Cut. He will face off against another experienced player in Shaman for Top 8 in a battle of archetypes.

Shaman (SG)


Notable Trainer Tower Open Wins: Uncle Lou, AuraRayquaza, DaWoblefet, SpringsVGC

Achievements: Day 1 Worlds competitor 16, 17 & 18, Top 4 Latin American International Championships 2018, Domination of the APAC Championship Points Leaderboard

About Shaman

One of the most feared APAC players, Shaman’s Championship Point count and consistency at events all across APAC is unmatched across the region. With his recent Top 4 in São Paulo has taken the top place on the Championship Points leaderboard for the region, and will be attending the World Championships for the third time.

In the Trainer Tower Open Shaman lost Round 3 and Round 7 to Gyuly and Gui respectively, both of which also Top Cut. The team Shaman has chosen to use in Top Cut features Charizard-Y, a Pokemon which has recently dropped in usage due to the release of Incineroar. However, with the addition of Milotic onto a team Shaman has used for the majority of the season he has continued to see success with Charizard-Y. In Top 8 he will face RadiumH3, and will most likely use his experience with this team and his knowledge of the Gardevoir archetype match-up to reach Top 4 and earn his Trainer Tower Invitational Invite.

Match Ups

   Knappi (DE)           


 Emforbes (US)          


 Lore95VGC (IT)      


       Yale (FR)           


MrJellyLeggs (GB) 


      Mitch (AU)      


   RadiumH3 (FR)  


    Shaman (SG)    

The Top 8 has just begun! We at Trainer Tower wish all players good luck in their remaining Trainer Tower Open sets.

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