Trainer Tower Circuit – Introducing the Team Cup!

The Trainer Tower Circuit’s last major event begins soon! The Team Cup is the only tournament in the Circuit where you can select your friends for a team and compete with them. With a hefty amount of Circuit Points on the line, this may be the final push players need to get over the line and into the Trainer Tower Invitational.

Tournament Details

  • VGC Format: VGC18
  • Tournament Format: Best-Of-Three for all 3 players on a team (explained further below)
  • Platform: Pokemon Showdown (Cartridge is acceptable if both players agree but Pokemon Showdown takes precedence)
  • Sign Up: Sign up will be done through the sign up post on the forums
  • Team Changes: Teams can be changed each round but not between games in a set

Tournament Format

I’ve drawn a picture. Each player will play against one player on the opposing team chosen at random in a Best-Of-Three, and the first team to win 2 sets will be the winning team.


Placement Circuit Points Attendance Kicker
1 75
2 50
3-4 30

Player Eligibility

Each team will have a team captain. The team captain will be the main point of contact if any issues arise and will be in charge of ensuring all of their teammates have made contact and organised matches. The Team Captain MUST be signed up to the Trainer Tower Circuit. This event is running as part of the Trainer Tower Circuit, however, the Team Captain can effectively bring two friends along to play in their team. All players will receive points, and this may be the perfect opportunity for players with points from the Trainer Tower Open to earn their Invitational position without requiring the Circuit Subscription.


  • Sign-Up Start: June 25th 11pm GMT / June 26th 8am AEST / June 25th 6pm EDT / June 25th 3pm PT
  • Sign-Up Close: July 9th 11pm GMT / July 10th 8am AEST / July 9th 6pm EDT / July 9th 3pm PT
  • Single Elimination: 1 round per week until completion

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