Welcome to the 2018 World Cup of VGC!

The third installment of the World Cup of VGC, a showcase of the world’s best Pokémon players across the globe, starts very soon. Modelled after Smogon’s World Cup of Pokemon, and inspired by Zach Droegkamp’s idea, we are continuing our yearly World Cup with 16 different regions represented. The regions will remain the same as last year.

What is the World Cup?

The World Cup of VGC is designed to be an annual, post-Worlds tournament to showcase the best of the best in each country, putting not only individual pride on the line but your whole country’s pride at stake. It is a 16 region tournament, with 8 active playing slots per week and 12 total roster spots allotted.

The formats played will consist of 3 VGC 2019 (Sun Series) spots, 2 VGC 2018, 1 VGC 2017, 1 VGC 2015 and 1 VGC 2016 per week. Matches will be played on Pokemon Showdown for ease of viewership unless players have a capture card. Players who are able to stream are encouraged to do so, and with notice, the Trainer Tower Twitter can tweet out the link to your stream!

How can I get involved?

The Managers that have been selected are free to choose any method of player selection that they want: some may host tournaments, some might just choose whichever players they think to be strongest, and some may host tryouts. Get in contact with your Captains (listed below) to find out what they have in mind!

When is the World Cup happening?

Player Selection: Now -> Saturday September 29th
Pools Matches: Monday October 1st -> Monday October 22nd (3 Weeks)
Top 8: Monday October 22nd -> Monday October 29th
Top 4: Monday October 29th -> Monday November 5th
Final: Monday November 5th -> Monday November 12th


The Top 8 teams of last year will be seeded, with the remaining teams seeded randomly. This will be livestreamed on Twitch on Wednesday 1:00pm London Time, 8:00am EDT, 5:00am PST, 10:00pm AEST.

Team Captains

US East

Captain: Chuppa Cross IV

US Central

Captains: Justin Burns (Spurrific)

US West

Captain: Gavin Michaels (kingofmars)


Captains: Till Böhmer (Dark_Psiana) and Florian Wurdack (DaFlo)


Captain: Arash Ommati (Mean)

United Kingdom

Captain: Thomas Plater (Saxlad)


Captain: Alex Gomez (PokeAlex)

Rest of Europe

Captains: Eduardo Cunha (EmbC) and Andres Escobosa (000_aj)


Captain: ForteVGC


Captains: Raphael Bagara (RaphaVGC) and Randy Kwa (R_Inanimate)

LATAM North 

Captains: Luis Canseco (Chaivon) and Rene Alvarenga (ReneVGC)


Captain: Juan Naar (DonVGC)


Captains: Federico Turano (Avatar Fede) and Andre Fumis (Fumito)

East Asia

Captains: by Johnny Tse and Edward Cheung (HarbingerAegis)

Southeast Asia

Captains: Melvin Keh (ShamanVGC)


Captains: Sam Pandelis (ZeldaVGC)


United States: US East includes OH, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, and anything farther East. US West includes Montana, WY, CO, NM, and anything farther West. US Central is everything in between.

Southeast Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines

East Asia: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea

Rest of Europe: All Eastern European countries up to Russia, and Western European Countries up to Turkey excluding the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain.

LatAm North: Mexico, Central America and All Caribbean Islands

Latam Plate: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil

Latam Andes: Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia

We hope you have fun and enjoy The World Cup of VGC 2018! Any questions can be directed to me (Bargens) on Twitter, Discord or through the forums.

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