Sydney Regionals 2017

Sydney, Australia: Saturday June 10th – Sunday June 11th

VGC 17 Sydney Regionals – 65 Masters
Placing Player Prize Money Team Used CP
 1st  Liam Gilbert  $1000 200
 2nd  Jay Tyrell  $500 160
 3rd  Daniel Walker  $250   120
 4th  Simon Konsti  $250   120
 5th  Brian Amedee     100
 6th  Richard Buckley     100
 7th  Graham Amedee     100
 8th  Henry Rich    / 100


  1. wow 65 masters and a top 8 like that. looks like a walk in to top cut lol

  2. Any chance of getting a breakdown on 3rd place trevenant team? Really curious team composition, I’m intrigued

  3. Syndey was always going to be free.

  4. more like sydney freegionals

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