South American Regionals – Colombia

Colombia – 01/ 05/ 2016

1st. Fredy Vanegas: thundurus

2nd. Diego Llanes: kangaskhan-mega

3rd. Andrés Quintero: Male

4th. Juan Pablo Naar: kangaskhan-megathundurus

5th. Mario Stefani: White KyuremMale

6th. David Davila: kangaskhan-megathundurus

7th. Ivan Yepes:

8th. Ivan Macias: White Kyurem


Colombia – 28/ 05/ 2016

1st. Mateo Arias: thundurus

2nd. Alfredo Prada:

3rd. Hazan Perez:

4th. Juan Pablo Naar: thundurus

5th. Andrés Campos: White Kyurem

6th. Freddy Vanegas: kangaskhan-mega

7th. Juan Restrepo: kangaskhan-megathundurus

8th. Andres Quintero: Male

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