Roanoke Regionals 2017

Roanoke, Virginia: May 6th-7th, 2017

VGC 17 Roanoke Regionals – 178 Masters
Placing Player Prize Money Team Used CP
 1st  Nick Naverre
 $1000    200
 2nd  Robbie Moore
 $750    160
 3rd  Toler Webb  $500 Alola Form  120
 4th  Kazuki Kanehira
 $500  120
 5th Cameron Swan
$250    100
 6th Jake Hockemeyer
$250  100
 7th  Aaron Traylor
$250    100
 8th  Rajan Bal
$250    100
Pokemon Amount Used No. of Times
Arcanine 8 100%
Kartana 5 62.50%
Tapu Koko 5
Gigalith 4 50.00%
Porygon2 4
Tapu Fini 4
Celesteela 3 37.50%
Snorlax 3
Clefairy 1 12.50%
Gyarados 1
Mimikyu 1
Ninetales-Alola 1
Tapu Bulu
Tapu Lele 1



  1. Lol AFKPEG (Arcanine Fini Kartana Porygon2 Electric mon meaning Tapu Koko/Togedemaru and Gigalith) was the most common thing used here. I see it online everywhere also. I am wondering some more nuanced ways to counter it, as I have already thought about most of the obvious ones. Also wondering if anyone has info on which moves Nick Navarre had with both Mence and Lax.

    • Snorlax has a pinch berry, but with thick fat. His moves were Curse, HHP, Wild Charge and Frustration. Im not sute what his Mences full set was as ive only seen Toxic and Dragon Pulse being used, but i assume Flamethrower is on it since he said its “good to counter Kartana/Arcanine… but still bad.” Lul

    • Having used the same 6 mons back in sheffield, the pokemon I had a lot of trouble with were magnezone (especially with HP fire), scarfchomp, gastrodon, and snorlax. Leleblim is also annoying to play against.

      That being said, my sets were all fairly different from what we saw on stream (thief arcanine!) which would’ve helped my matchups.

  2. Yeah it was just how you said I believe also Heal Pulse Clefairy not sure its 4th move maybe moonblast or flamethrower, protect, follow me. Also Rockium Z Bulu.

  3. I r8 rk9 8/8
    100% of the team m8 at this g8 regional

  4. I am really glad to see Bulu make top cut and win this time.

  5. Bulu was grassium-z, not rockium Z

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