Play! Pokémon at DreamHack Valencia this July for the 2019 Season!

The first tournament for the 2019 season of Play! Pokémon has been announced!

The tournament will be a 3-day Special Event for both the TCG and VGC, held at DreamHack Valencia, in Spain! Masters division players begin on Friday 13th July 2018, while the Junior and Senior age divisions will begin the following day.

TCG players will use the Standard format, with expansions from XY-Breakthrough onwards, while VGC players will use the VGC2018 ruleset. There will also be side events running throughout the day for those not competing in any of the main events.

Tournament entry is free, but there will be a €35 fee to buy a ticket to enter the venue.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get a head start on the next season of Play! Pokémon, no matter which code you play, so don’t hesitate to take it!


Written by: No1MachopFan

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