Players Advancing to Day 2 of The 2017 Pokemon World Championships

These Players Advanced through Day 1 of the 2017 Pokemon World Championships with a Record consisting of 15 Points (5 Wins)

Record Player Twitter Handle Country
5-0 Alvin Hidayat
@JibaNoThere United States
5-0 Chris Danzo
@ChrisDanzo  United States
5-0 Ryusei Chaya
5-0 Satoshi Iwataki Japan
5-0 Sebastian Bisbal
5-1 David Koutesh
 @HamsterManiaVGC Czech Republic
5-1 Eduardo Cunha
@MenioJardim  Portugal
5-1 Gary Qian
@ZygardeAwaken  United States
5-1 Jorge Salinas
@ThePequeJack Spain
5-1 Justin Burns
@JustMrBurns United States
5-1 Kaede Waga  Japan
5-1 Kohei Sakurai
5-1 Rob Akershoek
@ApplePieVGC  Netherlands
5-1 Shota Miyaji
5-1 Takumi Sakuri
5-1  Wolfe Glick
@WolfeyGlick United States
5-2 Alex Underhill @LexiconVGC United States
5-2 Daiki Goto Japan
5-2 Davide Carrer @Nirinbo_VGC Italy
5-2  Dorian Andre Quinones Vallejos
@Ppl_Dorian Peru
5-2  Drew Nowak
@NowakgolfVGC United States
5-2 Jeon Kyung Min Korea
5-2  Justin Carris
@AzazelVGC  United States
5-2 Kohei Daijo Japan
5-2 Rajan Bal @Blaramons United States
5-2 Ryuzaburo Honda Japan
5-2 Satoshi Iwataka
5-2  Till Bohmer
@Dark_Psiana  Germany
5-2  Tomoyuki Yoshimura
5-2 Tsao Che-Ming @duoduo0517 Thaiwan
5-2 Yuma Kinugawa  Japan
5-2 Zheyuan Huang @KenVGC  United States 



  1. Shame there are no people from Australia on this list. Here’s hoping one of them makes it near the top on Sunday!

  2. not Thaiwan,it’s Taiwan!

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