PKMN-id Trainer Circuit

Have you ever wondered what the VGC scene looks like in a country without the license to hold official VGC events?

With the title of WCS 2017 Champion already crowned to Ryota Otsubo, the hype for VGC 2017 appears to be calming bit by bit. But not in Indonesia, South East Asia. Soon, 16 of the best Trainers in the country will face each other in the Grand Final stage of PKMN-id Trainer Circuit 2017.

What is PKMN-id Trainer Circuit?

PKMN-id Trainer Circuit, or PTC for short, is a season-length series of VGC tournaments held by Indonesia’s biggest and leading Pokémon community, PKMN-id. The Indonesian community must create their own circuit due to the lack of the license required to hold an official events, such as Premier Challenges. This means that it is difficult for most Indonesians to gather CP and aim for Worlds. So instead, PKMN-id chose to create its own circuit as a platform for competitive VGC players in Indonesia to hone their skills and prepare for higher-level international tournaments. Regularly paying out prize money for live tournaments, PTC’s grand prize is a trip reimbursement to an official TPCI tournament.

PTC rewards Trainers by awarding PTC Points (PP), similar to CP, to the top finishing players in tournaments. There are two types of tournaments – live tournaments (Swiss and Top Cut format) and online tournaments (Swiss-only format). All rounds are done in BO1 fashion due to time constraints, save for top cut matches of live tournaments, which are BO3. There is no age division due to low player count in the younger age range. There are no tiers like in official tournaments (Premier Challenge < Mid-Season Showdown < Special Event < Regional), but live tournaments approximately grant twice the amount of PP compared to online tournaments. For this season (PTC17), 6 live tournaments and 10 online tournaments were held. The Top 8 Trainers based on PP accumulation are invited to the Grand Final, while the other 8 slots will be granted to the Top 8 of a Swiss-only BO3 tournament called the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ).

Meet the Top Trainers

Due to the lack of official events, Indonesian Trainers are mostly unknown to the VGC world. But with their recent participation in the Malaysia Open #2 (some of whom were able to Top Cut and gain CP) and Malaysia Regionals (most of whom did not perform that well), as well as friendly matches against Hong Kong and South Africa, they started to show what are they capable of – even without regular official events to train in.

The leader of the rankings is Andy Willyanto. Although he is currently living in Malaysia right now, he didn’t have the chance to participate in many events as he only started living there from March. His greatest achievement is Top 8 in Malaysia Open #2. Andy also managed to knock down Hong Kong National 2016 Semi-Finalist Paul Cheung 2-0 during the friendly. Due to unseen circumstances, Andy is not going able to attend the event and is replaced with the 9th place of the final PP standing, Cornell Adyas. He managed to finish 9th in the Mid-Season Showdown Malaysia Regional Side Event, and is the champion of PKMN-AP Conference, teaming up with reputable Thais, Jirawiwat and Nontaro.

Taufik Wiradarmo (@pikuchanneru) was not able to cut the Malaysia Open #2, ranking 9th, but was able to recover and grab the Runner-Up title of the next day’s Premier Challenge. Taufik also made a name for himself by beating WCS 2016 Day 2 participant Cyrus Or 2-0 with his signature Klefki during the friendly. Andrew Loekmanto (@Yamatana_) snagged Top 8 during the same PC, but was knocked out by Taufik.

During the 2015-2016 season, Indonesia actually had an official status. During that time, three Trainers qualified for Worlds. Two of them are ready to heat up the competition in Grand Final. They are M. Hafidz Syahril (@honeymoononice) and Yosua Setiawan, both qualifying for WCS 2016 in Masters and Senior division respectively.

The Last qualified Trainer to be featured is Fadli Putera (@fadlisays). While the other players have relatively only competed at a National level, Fadli has spread his wings in the international scene, being drafted by Lightning Haxers for the Latin American Pokémon Super League competition.

Well, is that all? Are there any players to watch out for in the LCQ? Fear not. Hong Kong-based William Tong (@PisukeVGC) has already confirmed his participation in the LCQ. Tong will be the player with the most CP in the competition, bagging 205 CP from this season. One of his greatest achievements is Top 4 in the Hong Kong Open, beating Edward Cheung the WCS 2016 #12 in Top 8, and also placing 10th in the Hong Kong Regional.

PTC 2017 will be held on Saturday, August 26th (LCQ) and Sunday, August 27th ( Grand Final) in BINUS International JWC Campus, Jakarta, as a part of a Japanese-themed event BIJAC no Tanjoiwai 10 2017. Matches will start at 11:00 AM Jakarta time/GMT+7 on August 26th and 10:00 AM Jakarta time/GMT+7 on August 27th, and be streamed in YouTube Gaming ( The Desk team consists of community staff, players, and e-sports personalities. All streamed matches will be guided in English. Be sure to tune in and see the how the Indonesian community plays VGC!

This event is sponsored by PS Enterprise, a gaming and hobby store located in Jakarta, Logitech G Indonesia, a leading brand in computer and gaming peripherals, and UniPin, the biggest gaming payment gateway in Indonesia.


  1. Why is there no write up about the World Championship Finals team or Top 8 teams?

    Not saying you guys have to but it would be cool

    • It’s not possible to write articles like those in advance, so write ups about major recent events and other usage statistics will take some time.

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