New to Trainer Tower – Damage Calculator and Usage Stats

Today we’re proud to unveil the addition of two fantastic new resources to Trainer Tower. These two resources come courtesy of Jake White (squirrelboy1225), an aspiring programmer from Indianapolis, USA.

Pokémon Damage Calculator

In the past Jake took over the Nugget Bridge Damage Calculator and updated it for VGC 16. However, unlike last season, this season the calculator will be updated with relevant sets throughout the year as the metagame progresses. With this release, the calculator has received some design changes as well as some updated sets for a few Pokémon.

You can access this new release here:

Future patches and updates to the calculator will also be made public information as they go live, follow Trainer Tower on Twitter or like our Facebook page to stay up to date.

Pokémon Showdown Usage Stats

Alongside the Damage Calculator, a simple, user-friendly page for usage stats will also be accessible. In conjunction with the Meta Snapshot, which will continue to analyse usage stats from Regional or higher level events, these usage stats should be able to provide a clear picture of the current state of the VGC 17 metagame. These statistics come from Smogon and are also publicly available on their website.

This new page can be viewed here:

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  1. Well done, Jake and crew. Thanks for keeping the calculator up-to-date, and the Showdown analysis was something I never got around to doing. Thanks!

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