Major VGC streamers unite to form community Discord server

In an effort to consolidate the VGC streaming community, Alexander “Hibiki” Kuhn has joined forces with a number of other prominent streamers to create a communal Discord server.

“The goal in mind is that, instead of having fans of VGC streams scattered across individual streamer Discords, we try to get everyone under one roof,” Kuhn said. “This not only helps players discover new VGC streamers, but allows us streamers to have a stronger presence in general.”

Currently, Tommy “TmanVGC” Cooleen, Alex “PokeAlex” Gomez, Thomas “Haricot” Gravouille, Giovanni Costa, Sejun Park, Gabby Snyder and Ray Rizzo have agreed to participate. Kuhn said he has reached out to additional streamers and is also planning a way to incorporate newer, smaller streamers.

“The end goal is to give VGC a stronger presence on Twitch, so helping out new talent will be important, too,” Kuhn added.

According to Kuhn, the idea for the joint-Discord came to him while helping Cooleen set up his own server. During the process, Kuhn realized it was possible to sync multiple Twitch channels to a single server. And since most VGC servers have a similar set up and membership, it made no sense to him for everyone to stay separate.

Like most VGC Discord servers, this community server has channels for general discussion, team building, trading and battling. There are also a number of specific language channels, since the membership includes viewers from across the world.

Those interested in joining the server can follow this link for an invitation. From there, Kuhn suggests reading the rules and picking a role to make getting notified about your favorite streamers even easier.

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