European International Championships

The European International Championships have come to a close, and these are the teams from Day 2 and Day 3!

Note : Pokemon followed by a / were removed during hack check due to a mistake on the player’s team sheet.


Excel, London : December 9th-11th, 2016

Top Cut

spainflag 1st. Miguel Marti de La Torre (12-2 Swiss): East Sea

italyflag 2nd. Nico Davide Cognetta (12-2 Swiss): East Sea

italyflag 3rd. Michele Gavelli (12-2 Swiss): Alola Form

ukflag 4th. Ben Kyriakou (12-2 Swiss): Alola FormAlola Form

ukflag 5th. William Tansley (12-2 Swiss):  Alola Form

germanyflag 6th. Tobias Koschitzki (11-3 Swiss):

usflag 7th. Tommy Cooleen (11-3 Swiss): Alola Form

swedenflaf 8th. Nils Dunlop (11-3 Swiss): Alola FormAlola FormAlola Form


Day 2 Finishes

Finished 11-3

spainflag 9th. Yeray Arrivi:Alola Form

italyflag 10th. Alessio Yuri Boschetto: Alola Form

japanflag 11th. Kinugawa Yuma:Alola Form/

germanyflag 12th. Till Bohmer:  East SeaAlola Form

usflag 13th. Wolfe Glick: Alola Form

usflag 14th. Trista Medine: Alola Form


Finished 10-4

usflag 15th. Conan Thompson: 

spainflag 16th. Alejandro Gomez: Alola Form

italyflag 17th. Andrea Di Francesco:Alola Form/

germanyflag 18th. Baris Akcos: East Sea

singaporeflaf 19th. Melvin Keh: 

italyflag 20th. Eugenio Discalzi: 

italyflag 21st. Lorenzo Catallozzi: Alola Form

spainflag 22nd. Eric Rios: Alola Form

spainflag 23rd. Juan Antonio Alcaide: Alola FormAlola Form

ukflag 24th. David Battell: Alola Form

usflag 25th. Jonathan Evans: /

italyflag 26th. Arash Ommati: Alola Form

hkflag27th. Kwok Pui Yin:   Alola Form

czflag 28th. David Koutesh: 

italyflag 29th. Francesco Pardini: 


Finished 9-5

argentinaflag 30th. Sebastian Escalante: Alola Form

argentinaflag 31st. Federico Andino: Alola Form/

portugalflag 32nd. Eduardo Cunha: Alola Form/

ukflag 33rd. Oliver Reilly: 

ukflag 34th. Thomas Plater: Alola FormAlola Form

usflag 35th. Chuppa Cross IV: 

usflag 36th. Mihrab Samad: Alola Form

germanyflag 37th. Adrian Bauman: East Sea

spainflag 38th. Ruben Yanguas: Alola FormAlola Form

spainflag 39th. Timon Piazza: Alola FormAlola Form

italyflag 40th. Roberto Porretti:

germanyflag 41st. Markus Stadter: /East Sea

spainflag 42nd. Antonio Cano:Alola Form

ukflag 43rd. Matt Carter: Alola Form

spainflag 44th. Felix Nuñez: Alola FormAlola Form


Finished 8-6

italyflag 45th. Filippo Maccarini: Alola Form

ukflag 46th. Max Waterman: Alola Form

argentinaflag 47th. Federico Turano: Alola FormAlola Form

ukflag 48th. Luke Dunscombe: Alola FormEast Sea

swissflag 49th. Daryl Olivier Sprenger: Alola Form

spainflag 50th. Nelson Pinero: Alola Form/

italyflag 51st. Matteo Donati: Alola Form

Usage Stats

51 Teams
Pokemon Name Times Used % Of Teams
Marowak-AAlola Form 27 52.94%
Porygon2 26  50.98%
Celesteela 25 49.02%
Tapu Koko 20 39.21%
Tapu Lele 17 33.33%
Tapu Bulu 16 31.37%
Garchomp 13 25.49%
Gyarados 13
Arcanine 12  23.59%
Araquanid 9 17.64%
Kartana 9
Muk-A Alola Form 8 15.68%
Milotic 8
Gastrodon East Sea 7  13.72%
Oranguru 7
Salamence 7
Gigalith 6 11.76%
Raichu-A Alola Form 6
Krookodile 5 9.80%
Pelipper 5
Torkoal 5
Golduck 4 7.84%
Politoed 4
Incineroar 4
Aerodactyl 3  5.88%
Gengar 3
Goodra 3
Hariyama 3
Lilligant 3
Magnezone 3
Mudsdale 3
Ninetales-A Alola Form 3
Whimsicott 3
Mimkyu 2  3.92%
Persian-A 2
Phermosa 2
Xurkitree 2
Metagross 1 1.96%
Sableye 1
Silvally 1
Silvally-Grass 1
Snorlax 1
Tapu Fini 1
Trevenant 1


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  1. Gigalith is actually the best Pokemon.

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