Don’t Flinch from a Welsh All-Out Pummelling | 24th Place London Internats Report


Hello there and thank you for coming to my team report! My name is David “Yaaaxcomigen” Battell, and I recently came 24th at the London International Championships using a hyper offensive team. I’m a relatively unknown player but feel that I’ve now proven I can hold my own against high level players. Prior to this competition my only notable achievement is getting Top 8 at the Sutton Coldfield Regionals 2016, going 7-0 in Swiss.

I started VGC somewhat early 15 but didn’t play too much, likewise not playing much of 16 other than 2 events, and I won’t speak of the MSS. My team was bad is all you need to know. I did, however, Top Cut my first PC using Baby-Doll Eyes Sylveon and Sky Drop Thundurus. Don’t judge… anyway, enough background info, onto the important stuff you came here for.

Team Analysis

tapu kokotapu lelepheromosaaerodactylmiloticmarowak

So looking at this team you can kinda see it’s generally fast, I’ve got a somewhat slower mode with Milotic + Marowak. Also outside of Milotic the team is not very bulky, which was not always a good thing. Not having many defensive switches wasn’t the best but I could combat that in other ways. I’ll now do the obligatory analysis of every Pokémon on the team.

Qu. Elizabug (Pheromosa) @ Fightinium Z
Ability: Beast Boost
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
– Protect
– High Jump Kick
– Lunge
– Poison Jab

Okay, now I know you’re probably wondering why it’s Hasty nature. It’s solely due to the fact that until the night before I was wrestling with myself, not literally (could you imagine), over whether to run Ice Beam or Poison Jab. The reasoning being you get Garchomp with Ice Beam with Hasty. Then I remembered Lunge is a thing so you don’t need it. I cannot stress how good this Pokémon did in the event. The damage it does is incredible. You OHKO Porygon2 with All-Out Pummelling, you get P2 with HJK + Rock Slide, you get 252 HP Celesteela with All-Out Pummelling + Rock Slide. I think those damage calcs alone are enough to justify my reasoning for running it. You also still beat Garchomp 1v1 with Lunge + HJK. Poison Jab also chunks all the Tapus to which Rock Slide will pick up the KO. So yeah. This thing is good. The main choice for this mon is the fact that it is one of the few things that can OHKO P2. I dislike Trick Room so I wanted to avoid it getting up at all costs and this is one of the ways on my team to combat it.

tapu koko
FightOrWatt? (Tapu Koko) @ Life Orb
Ability: Electric Surge
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 244 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Protect
– Thunderbolt
– Dazzling Gleam
– Discharge

Everyone knows what Tapu Koko does so I’m not gonna bother explaining anything really. The only notable thing is that I ran 244 Speed. This is purely so I know that it moves after my Aerodactyl as self speed ties are the worst. It also means I can safely Discharge if I’m Sky Dropping something.

tapu lele
Lelele Bamba (Tapu Lele) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Psychic Surge
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
– Psychic
– Moonblast
– Energy Ball
– Dazzling Gleam

Pretty much the standard Scarf Lele with Energy Ball over Thunderbolt. This was purely for Gastrodon and the unlikely occasion of a Milotic next to Marowak for some reason. Also not an error for no 0 Atk IV. The one I caught in game did not have a 0 IV in Atk.

Baerodactyl (Aerodactyl) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Pressure
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
– Rock Slide
– Sky Drop
– Roar
– Wide Guard

This thing is so amazing. Like, so, so good. Not because of Rock Slide. One of the main reasons behind using Aero was the fact that it gets Sky Drop, and it’s also super fast. Sky drop is such a good move and I would recommend using it. As I’ve got a fast team I can use Sky Drop to get an almost free switch in while taking an opponents Pokémon off the field, as well as itself, and then doing damage next turn! It’s personally one of my favourite moves. One awesome thing about Sky Drop is that if you’re facing an Oranguru, you can switch out your other mon for Marowak while Sky Dropping it and then Flare Blitz it as it drops for the KO, which is so, so good (unfortunately I never got to pull this off). The reasoning for Roar over Taunt is just as some Pokémon like to run Mental Herb to stop Taunt and so this again allows me to stop TR from going up. Wide Guard was a nice move to have and saved me a few times but I sometimes wished I had Tailwind Instead. However I used it enough to justify running it. And Rock Slide + Base 130 Speed is beautiful.

PraizTheMilo (Milotic) @ Adrenaline Orb
Ability: Competitive
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP / 108 SpA / 148 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Protect
– Scald
– Ice Beam
– Recover

This Pokémon was honestly the biggest disappointment for the most case, other than a few games where it was amazing. With 148 speed investment, Milotic will outspeed base 110’s if Adrenaline Orb is activated. I originally did it to creep Kartana at +1 speed but only needed 2 points more for base 110’s. This was never the case at London, and the item never popped. However it did brilliantly at deterring intimidators which I am eternally grateful for.

Revenge Bone (Marowak-Alola) @ Thick Club
Ability: Lightning Rod
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP / 196 Atk / 60 Spe
Adamant Nature
– Protect
– Shadow Bone
– Flare Blitz
– Bonemerang

Again. Standard Marowak pretty much. I went to 60 Speed EVs to guarantee outspeeding any Muk that went to speed creep, however I should’ve gone to 76 to creep the Marowaks that creep Lele’s in tailwind. Not any more to say really.

Now onto the Tournament!

Day 1

Round 1: Ester (WW)

Alola Form

So looking at this team it’s fairly standard and felt really comfortable with my matchup here. I led with Koko + Aero Game 1 and she led P2 + Marowak, I roared the P2 turn 1 as she protected Marowak. I also found out my Marowak was quicker later. Can’t remember much else of the game other than I also got a discharge para on the P2 which helped seal the game up. Game 2 I’m pretty sure I just hit stuff and it fainted.

Round 2: Matteo Gini (WLW)

Alola Formclefablesmeargle

Round 2 and I’m facing Minimise Muk piloted by one of the Gini brothers… how fun. Actually it was fun as I like my matchup vs it. Game 1 he led Smeargle + Muk as I led Aero + Koko. Really good leads for me here. He faked out Koko as I Rock Slide, doing what I needed and breaking the sash on Smeargle. No flinch and he set up a Minimise. All is good though. T2 he poison jabs Koko, which didn’t KO as I T-Bolt into Smeargle, revealing power of alchemy Muk to take the moody and roar out the Muk, which was a very good thing at this point. I can’t remember much more than I got a Discharge paralysis on the Muk and hit a Bonemerang through Minimise.

Game 2 was more interesting as he led Pheromosa Smeargle as I led the same and showed me he was Adamant LO pheromosa. I think I just played this game a bit worse and so I lost but that was all the information I needed.

Game 3 is almost exactly like Game 1 except I play a bit better, I predicted him to not bring the Pheromosa and he didn’t and so it worked out well. I got a fortunate Rock Slide flinch on Tapu Bulu, although the game was sealed up anyways.

Round 3: Darwin V. (LWW)

So this was not a fun matchup as Game 1 I found out it was Scarf Lele and Sash Nihilego. However I did find out it was Modest Scarf. I also found out the Celesteela was slower than my Marowak which was very important. Game 1 I got outplayed due to this information but it meant I could make the adjustment. This being to not bring Milotic as it was pretty dead weight.

Game 2 plays out a bit better but comes down to me getting a double Protect with Marowak, which I get!

Game 3 I led Pheromosa + Lele into Lele + Nihilego and I go straight for the speed tie onto the Lele with P-Jab and Dazzling Gleam, however he switches to Celesteela and my Lele goes down. I then brought Marowak in. I doubled the Nihilego slot with All-Out Pummelling and Flare Blitz to guarantee a KO on whatever comes in, and got the P2 on the switch. It went down to All-Out Pummelling and the Celesteela didn’t protect so down it went to Flare Blitz which pretty much sealed up the game if I land a High Jump Kick on the Nihilego, which I did.

Round 4: Aniello (WW)

Alola Form

I was told that Aniello was a Worlds competitor by my friend Luke which, was useful information as it meant I could bank on him playing well and making intelligent switches, which fortunately he did. I actually can’t remember too much of these games but I find out he’s not Sash Chomp Game 1. I was able to stall out Tailwind Game 1 with Sky Drop, and Wide Guard also came in handy I believe.

Game 2 he didn’t bring Talonflame but brought Scarf Lele which I was fine with, and I proceeded to win this Game as well.

Round 5: Chi Fu (LWW)

Alola Form

This was quite a cool team I was facing. I think he won game 1, It came down to a Marowak vs Marowak on a turn and I find out his was quicker which was important information, and also that my Marowak was quicker than his Celesteela which was also super important.

Game 2 I stuck to a similar game plan and this time came out on top. I still hadn’t revealed Wide Guard at this point.

Game 3 was a great game. Turn 1 he led Koko + Chomp into Koko + Aerodactyl. I then revealed Wide Guard as I Dazzling Gleam doing over 50% to both as he Dazzling Gleam + Rock Slides doing nothing. After some board shuffling, a few turns later it comes down to Pheremosa Marowak vs Marowak Celesteela. I used Lunge on the Marowak so my Marowak lived the Shadow Bone, Shadow Bone KO’s his back and Heavy Slam KO’d my Pheromosa. The following turn I proceeded to Flare Blitz his Celesteela and win the game. Such an exciting end to the game!

Round 6: Melvin Keh (LWL)

First thing Melvin did upon meeting me was give me a gift from Singapore which was really nice, and we got chatting as we had connection issues T1 of Game 1. We waited for a judge, who instructed us to turn off our DS’s and start again. We both agreed to bring exactly the same mons for the sake of integrity. There’s no fun in cheating. Now this was a weird looking team. I knew he wasn’t going to bring Krookodile or Arcanine as I had a Milotic so could play around this. Game 1 I pretty much found out all his tricks. Psychic Seed Lele, Shadow Ball + Endeavour Whimsicott, Dazzling Gleam + Energy Ball Xurk, fast Shadow Ball P2. It’s safe to say I got beaten quite badly Game 1.

Game 2 was completely different as I could play around his tricks and Wide Guard saved me during this.

Game 3 came down to a 50/50. I led Aero + Koko into his Lele + Whimsi. I thought here he either Protected Whimsicott to KO Koko or Protected Lele to set up Tailwind and I went for the Lele with Sky Drop and switch to Marowak. He protected Lele… sigh, this was where my first loss came. I went to switch my Marowak in on a Xurkitree Electric Z move later on but didn’t as felt it was too obvious, but it happened and my Koko went down as a result.

Round 7: Tommy Cooleen (LL)

Alola Form

Golduck Pelipper + Bulu P2. RIP. This was pretty much my instaloss matchup, however I put up as much of a fight as I could. Game 1 got Tri Attack para’d which lost me the game as his Bulu now outsped my Pokémon.

Game 2 I got Scald burnt Turn 1 which cost me any hope of winning. I spoke to him before and after the game as he’s a really nice guy, so at least after today I’d made a friend out of it.

Round 8: Juan Fades (LWW)


Now this was not what I wanted to face at X-2. It was a strong supported Eeveemancy team. Game 1 I found out all the tricks even though I lost, so it was all okay. Aguav Berry Light Screen Clef, fast Psych Up P2, Sitrus Espeon. T1 I Sky Drop the Clef + Thunderbolt the Eevee. It didn’t faint. I proceeded to get swept by Espeon + Psych Up P2.

Going into Game 2 I knew what my game plan was. Rock Slide + Discharge into my own Aerodactyl and hope for the 30% chance on each. T1 goes exactly the same as the previous game except I para my own Aerodactyl. The second turn I hope to not get fully paralysed as I wide guard to protect from my own Discharge as baton pass goes into Espeon. I don’t get fully paralysed and I paralysed the Espeon which was fantastic. Now P2 comes in and I know it’s going to Psych Up. Espeon gets fully paralysed going for Protect as I T-Bolt into it. P2 psychs up and Aero gets fully paralysed. Please not like this. Fortunately next turn he protected Espeon as Shadow Ball KO’s Koko and I Roar out the P2. From here on out Tapu Lele + Pheremosa was enough to Sweep through his team.

Game 3 I went for the same play as G2 and flinch the Eevee while not paralysing my own Aero and so it was all but over after T1. Such an intense round and he credited me for my self Discharge play. He was a nice guy to play.

Round 9: Javier Señorena (LWW)

Alola Form

Going into this, it wasn’t until after the round that I found out he won Italy Nats this year. I saw the team and felt pretty good. He didn’t bring Celesteela or Gigalith which was nice and I brought the same mons all 3 games. Although what was weird was that I bought Aerodactyl in the back. Game 1 he beat me, can’t remember much about it.

Game 2 I pummelled the P2 and it fainted. He couldn’t recover from there and I won the game.

Game 3 I could’ve KO’d the P2 or Marowak on switch in if I went with my gut but I chickened out 2 turns in a row. This ended up with me in a bad situation with Lele Marowak vs P2 Koko in Psychic Terrain. My only hope was Bulu wasn’t in the back. It was… but fortunately RNGesus smiled upon me that game, and rewarded me with a crit on the P2 with Flare Blitz to KO it which sealed up the game as Pheromosa was in the back from a previous switch. He was not happy about this and understandably and I did feel bad about the crit but there was nothing I could do to control it.

I was 7-2 with 15 Wins and 9 losses, and had made Day 2. I was super excited for this and so happy with myself. I am so glad that this was BO3 as I tend to go down a game to then perform a reverse sweep, playing the information game in Game 1 and then playing around it in Game 2 and 3. It was now time to try and get a good nights sleep and play well tomorrow.

Day 2

Round 1: Roberto Poretti (LWW)

Dear god it was Mimikyu TR. Another rough matchup for me. Aerodactyl would be a help vs this team due to Roar which I was so glad about. He led Lele + Mimikyu into Aero + Maro. Lele used Psychic on Marowak which lived and revenge KO’d but before it did Mimikyu Wisps Aero which was not ideal and I Roar out the Mimikyu into Lilligant. Now Goodra came in and some stuff goes down, can’t remember everything but I end up losing as I brought Koko not Pheromosa and I find out it’s Bloom Doom Lilligant.

Game 2 went better, same leads which was nice as I knew what to expect. This time though, I go for the flinch on the Mimikyu turn 1 as it’s my only play, which I get, as I live the Psychic with Marowak and Shadow Bone Mimikyu to find out it’s sash. I was able to play around everything else and win this game in the end.

Now Game 3 was filthy. I led Aero + Marowak into Goodra + Lele. T1 he Psychics Aero to Sash while I Sky Drop Lele and Protect Marowak from Dragon Pulse which I think was a 2HKO but was definitely a roll. T2 I KO the Lele off Sky Drop and Shadow Bone and Dragon Pulse goes into Marowak. Now Mimikyu came out and my only play is to go for the flinch. I crit flinched the Goodra and KO with Shadow Bone and Mimikyu flinched as it went for TR. Torkoal then came in. I went for Rock Slide + Shadow Bone on Mimikyu, but missed the Mimikyu and he got a KO with Shadow Claw and went for Flamethrower onto Aero getting a double KO. This was bad, but I had a Milotic in the back. I All-Out Pummelling the Torkoal as it Protected and Scald the Mimikyu getting a burn. I know here I’ve pretty much won so long as Torkoal doesn’t have Solarbeam. I protect Pheromosa to take spread Heat Wave damage and a Shadow Claw goes into Milotic, hardly doing anything after the burn, as I Scald the Torkoal just missing the KO. Next turn same thing happens, Pheromosa and Torkal go down and it’s a burnt Mimikyu vs a Milotic with Recover. I managed to scrape through it and take the set.

Round 2: Eugenio Discalzi (WLL)


Another Mimikyu TR team but this time with Hariyama. This was a tough but definitely my favourite set of the whole tournament. Game 1 he led Mimikyu + Bulu into Aero + Marowak, I was feeling really good about this. Turn 1 I Roar out the Mimikyu and everything played out well until it came down to Mimikyu vs Phero in TR. Fortunately he missed the Wisp first turn, I still think I had it as he didn’t have Play Rough and I could possibly Poison Jab poison him. Regardless a very well played game.

Game 2 I can’t remember too much of and I can’t read my own writing for what I brought but know he brought the P2 mode and Aero was in the back so couldn’t Roar/All-Out Pummelling it for the KO.

Game 3 was my favourite game of the event. As leads I predict him to bring Hariyama + P2 so I led Pheromosa + Marowak. It was very risky as if he led Mimkyu I was kinda screwed. I made the right call and he led P2 + Araquanid. I picked up the KO on the switching Hariyama with All-Out Pummelling and chunked the Araquanid with Flare Blitz, losing my Marowak in the process. It now came down to if he had Wide Guard on Araquanid as he had brought P2 in and I brought in Aero. I thought he would, and so HJK + Sky Drop the Porygon2 to be certain it dies and he doesn’t reveal Wide Guard so I lose Phero. From here it came down to if I could Rock Slide flinch and live a Horn Leech off Bulu with my Lele, of which I can’t get both, regardless that was such a fun set and loved that game. Well played dude!

Round 3: Tommy Cooleen (LL)

Alola Form

Again, my autoloss. But at least we could have fun talking while playing. I had to go for the riskiest plays possible to win these games but neither worked out for me and so I lost this set. Was not great to play someone who I’ve already played when this was for possible cut but there we are.

Round 4: Max Waterman (WW)

Alola Form

This was a horrible matchup for Max. I led Aerodactyl + Pheromosa into P2 + Muk. I KO’d P2 and Sky Dropped Muk. There was pretty much nothing he could do to stop this beatdown Game 1 and I won 4-0.

Game 2 he led P2 + Arcanine. I made the same play but went for Rock Slide. I think he thought he’d live the combination but it wasn’t the case. This got a lot closer than the first game but I managed to seal up the game.

Round 5: Ruben Yanguas (WW)

Alola FormAlola Form

This wasn’t the best matchup for Ruben. He led Oranguru + Ninetales into Pheromosa + Aero. I All-Out Pummelling and Rock Slide while he switches to Mudsdale and Aurora Veils, just missing out on both KO’s. After this we get a connection issue on both ends and so have to start again. We both played everything exactly the same T1 and it all worked out the same except I got a higher roll and so instead of the mudsdale living on very low it fainted. Now Oranguru came in and I predicted the TR so Protected Pheromosa as he Protected Ninetales and Roar out the Oranguru. I then Lunge the Marowak and Rock Slide as he Protects Marowak and Switches to Oranguru. I do the same thing the next turn as he KO’s Phero. The important thing here is that his Marowak is at -1. It comes down to Red health Oranguru + Marowak vs my Full Health Marowak + Full Health Tapu Lele. Now he can only KO the Marowak here. I double attack with Shadow Bone + Dazzling Gleam as he Shadow Bone + Instructs KOing my Marowak but I return with a double KO with Dazzling Gleam. It then comes down to weather Blizzard can freeze and fortunately for me it didn’t and I took Game 1.

Game 2 Its the same leads but he stays in with Oranguru. He Protected Ninetales as I Rock Slide + Pummelling the Oranguru and I see the Sitrus Pop, I had my fingers crossed for a Flinch here but instead got a crit. Sorry about that dude. At that point the game was pretty much over and I managed to win quite comfortably as I’d replaced Lele with Milotic in the back, which got me the win as I had Marowak + Milotic vs Half Health Mudsdale and Marowak. I doubled the Mudsdale slot as Marowak Protected and picked up the KO sealing the game up.

I finished Day 2 with 7 wins and 5 losses, and overall record of 10-4 and with total of 22 wins and 12 losses.

Closing Words

Overall, I’m very pleased with my performance but I obviously have room for improvement. I’m very happy with how the team performed but I know there are places for adjustments to help better my match ups vs certain archetypes (especially rain). I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and that it hasn’t been a complete waste of time, so for now, bye!


  1. Thank you for providing this so soon after the event! I am coming from the MtG community and it always baffles me on why reports come out months after an event. I think it is to keep spreads secret but timely reports like this are much better for the community imo and really help newer players like myself. Congrats on the great finish and keep up the good work!

  2. The last round is not vs Ruben Ruiz, is Ruben Yanguas (me xd).

    GG’s man, nice report.

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