ZyGod’s Wrath – Collinsville Top 4 Team Report

Hi, my name is Alex Arand, also known as AlexTheRNGLord. I first started playing VGC after joining my local league, where we had somewhat casual play. Then I discovered Pokemon Showdown and Smogon, and played online casually for a while until 2016, when I began playing competitively. I’ve been playing competitively since post-2016 Worlds, starting out as a Senior. I ...

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La banda del Tacchino! – A Top 8 Regional Report

Hello! My name is Riccardo Appamea, known online as @Fire_Gohan, and I’ve been a VGC player for over 3 years. I love playing unconventional teams, as they’re the type to get me hyped up and motivated to win matches. In 2016, I was on the verge of Top 16 in the European International Championships, placing 20th. I also placed 50th ...

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Bringing the Drought to Cannes – A Top 8 Report

Hi, my name is Bartosz Ekiert, also known as Naociak. I still think of myself as a relatively new player, as I started playing VGC seriously after Worlds 17. Since then, I’ve managed to cut a few events, the most recent one being the Special Event in beautiful french Cannes. Other than that I also cut the Bremen, Tours and ...

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