Team Analysis

Light of Destruction! A Spring Scramble Top 8 Team Report

Hello! I’m Ramsés Quintana (@kaoru_kitsune), a Spanish Pokémon VGC player who is finishing his Business Studies at University. I have been playing Pokémon VGC since 2015, and just recently I finished in top 8 of the Trainer Tower Spring Scramble. I am very happy to have the opportunity to write this report for Trainer Tower. Team’s Achievements Trainer Tower Spring ...

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XY Strikes Back! – Spring Scramble Top 16

Hey everyone, my name is Joseph Ugarte or JoeUX9 as most people know me on Showdown. I have been playing VGC since late 2017, and have always loved it, regardless of where/when I play. I’m usually able to attend more local events than regionals, which is great practice anyways since I’m in the NY area. I’m definitely looking forward to ...

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