Brazil Invitational 2018

Written by Gabriel Agati (@AgatiGa)

The Brazilian community is currently organizing a VGC 2018 grassroots event on Pokémon Showdown that includes 16 of the countries best players! While the tournament is already in round 2, we hope this encourages more people around the world to organize and play in non-official VGC tournaments!

We hope that tournaments like these attract casual players to the VGC scene by showing them that Pokémon can be both competitive and fun at the same time. We want to entertain old players,  educate and help new ones all while giving the Brazilian community a tournament that doesn’t rely on TPCI.

Tournament Structure

The 16 players have been divided into 4 groups of 4 players each. In each group, they play a round robin tournament with the 2 best results moving onto top 8. In order to balance the groups, 4 top Brazilian players were chosen to be the first seeds, while the others were drawn randomly. All games are best-of-three with as many games as possible being streamed.

Group A

  1. Gabriel Agati (Third Latam IC 2017)
  2. Wagner Queiroz
  3. Rafael Cassemiro
  4. Cristhian Andrade

Group B

  1. André “Fumito” Fumis (Top 16 Latam IC 2017, Top 8 Argentina Regional 2017)
  2. Vinícius Souza
  3. Rogério Catel
  4. Erik Takeuti

Group C

  1. Daniel “LJ Darkrai” dos Santos (BR Open 2017 Champion, Top 8 Smogon VGC tour 2017)
  2. Luiz Gustavo Valle
  3. Vivian Oliveira
  4. Fábio Alexandre

Group D

  1. Yan “Sogeking” Sym (Second Brazil Open 2017, Top 8 UK Regional 2015)
  2. Felipe Ide
  3. Gustavo Braz
  4. Lucas Campos

Following the Tournament

Matches are being streamed on Twitch. Make sure to follow LJ Darkrai and Lee Gengar to see the tournament in action! Stream Replays can be found in the official VGC Brazilian Youtube channel.

All matches are being disclosed in the VGC Brazil Facebook group, and on twitter with the hashtag #VGCBR. Our schedule, groups and replays can be found here. Tournament analysis can be found in BRTtar’s Youtube channel (Portuguese content).

All tournament statistics are being kept in this spreadsheet!


The Brazilian community is putting in a lot of work in this project and we are very happy with the impact that the Brazil Invitational has had so far. I hope this also inspires people around the world to make efforts locally, or even globally in order to help our VGC scene.

Huge thanks to everyone who made all this possible, mainly: Daniel dos Santos, Leandro Ferreira, Bruno Abdalla, Lucas Campos, Fábio Alexandre, Gabriel Menegon, Guilherme Gomes, Eduardo Cunha, Hugo Nascimento, Vanessa Reis, Victor Vieira, Vinícius Souza and Rogério Catel.

Special thanks to Daniel dos Santos, the idealist of all this. Finally, shotouts to everyone playing, watching and supporting the Brazil Invitational. See you guys!

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