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SiuHin – Hong Kong MSS & Regional Champion Report

I am Yuen Nga Hin (SiuHin) from Hong Kong. Twitter: @SiuHinVGC Blog: HKVGC website: Despite winning a few Midseason Showdowns and an Open in my four years of VGC career, (and getting four consecutive Worlds invites), I hadn’t (until now) won any Regionals. Fortunately, this year I won the biggest tournament in Hong Kong! Many thanks to my ...

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Big Mama! – Top 8 Roanoke Regional Team Report

Hey there everyone! My name is Andrew Davis, and you may recognize me from the Tri-State Area VGC scene or from my YouTube Channel where I do VGC Battles. I have been playing VGC since the 2015 season, and I competed at Worlds in 2016. Since 2016, I have taken a more casual approach to VGC, going to events mostly ...

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Brazil Invitational 2018

Written by Gabriel Agati (@AgatiGa) The Brazilian community is currently organizing a VGC 2018 grassroots event on Pokémon Showdown that includes 16 of the countries best players! While the tournament is already in round 2, we hope this encourages more people around the world to organize and play in non-official VGC tournaments! We hope that tournaments like these attract casual players ...

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