Asia-Pacific Regionals – Other

Singapore – 23/ 01/ 2016

1st. Saw Lip Leon: kangaskhan-mega  

2nd. Ryan Chiam: kangaskhan-mega

3rd. Melvin Keh: kangaskhan-mega

4th. Vishal: kangaskhan-mega

5th. Aiman Ishak:

6th. Yan Ze Guan: kangaskhan-mega  

7th. Jonas Yew Meng Chow: kangaskhan-megakangaskhan-mega

8th. Chan Ji Yun: kangaskhan-mega  


Auckland – 07/ 05/ 2016 

1st. Haris Sahovic:   

2nd. Trent Sayer:

3rd. Robert Whitehill: kangaskhan-mega

4th. Matthew Gall: thundurus

5th. Matthew Buttler kangaskhan-megaMale

6th. Junlei Zhou:

7th. Geoffrey Gunn:

8th. Vishal Patel:


Malaysia – 28/ 05/ 2016

1st. Ariff Erzanie Ramli:

2nd. Poh Yu jie: kangaskhan-mega

3rd. Kevin Ngim: thundurus

4th. Stephen Tan: kangaskhan-megathundurus

5th. Chaiyawat Traiwichcha: kangaskhan-mega  

6th. Wilson Foong: kangaskhan-mega

7th. Muhammad Nasserudean: kangaskhan-mega  

8th. Aiman Ishak: thundurus


Hong Kong – 29/5/2016

1st. Siu Ling Yee: kangaskhan-mega  

2nd. Yuet Ho Tso: kangaskhan-megathundurus

3rd. Ho Chung Yin Billy:

4th. Cheung Wai Yin: thundurus

5th. Tommy Lau: thundurus

6th. Ziyue Xiong: kangaskhan-megathundurus

7th. Wong Sheung Chi: thundurus

8th. Li Kwok Chuen: kangaskhan-mega

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