Asia-Pacific Regionals – Australia

Adelaide – 01/ 05/ 2016

1st. Sam Pandelis: kangaskhan-mega

2nd. Joshua Callister:  thundurus

3rd. Luke Curtale: kangaskhan-mega

4th. Martin Larumbe: kangaskhan-mega

5th. Nihal Noor:  White Kyurem

6th. Nicholas Bingham: kangaskhan-mega

7th. Brandon Miller: 

8th. Josh Matos: Black Kyuremthundurus


Sydney – 14/ 05/ 2016

1st. Martin Larumbe: kangaskhan-mega

2nd. Daniel Walker:thundurus

3rd. Richard Buckley: kangaskhan-mega thundurus

4th. Sam Pandelis: kangaskhan-mega

5th. Joseph Do: kangaskhan-mega

6th. Denaysh Selvakkumar: thundurus

7th. Brent Tonisson: kangaskhan-mega

8th. Simon Konsti: 


Brisbane – 21/ 05/ 2016

1st. Richard Buckley: kangaskhan-mega thundurus

2nd. Martin Larumbe: kangaskhan-mega

3rd. Josh Callaghan:

4th. Mitch Kendrick: kangaskhan-mega

5th. Daniel Walker:thundurus

6th. Damon Murdoch: kangaskhan-mega

7th. Shisir L.: 

8th. Alexander Kollasch: kangaskhan-mega


Melbourne – 28/ 05/ 2016

1st. Nihal Noor: kangaskhan-mega thundurus

2nd. James Farrugia: kangaskhan-mega

3rd. Aviel Lee: kangaskhan-megathundurus

4th. Alex Poole: kangaskhan-mega thundurus

5th. Emma Williams: kangaskhan-megathundurus

6th. Tim Walsh: kangaskhan-megaWhite KyuremMale

7th. James Katsaros: kangaskhan-mega thundurus

8th. Bryan Freeman: kangaskhan-mega thundurus


Perth – 07/06/2016

1st. Alister Sandover

2nd. Sam Pandelis

3rd. Daniel Baguley 

4th. David Arevalo 

5th. Francis D’Souza

6th. Benjamin O’Neill

7th. Mustafaa Olomi

8th. Alexander Poole 

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