American VGC Invite Distribution

Hey guys, my name’s Vishy and I go by @flyingfalcons7 online. With Worlds just a month away, I decided to make a chart that shows the distribution of American invites across the 50 states.

Takeaways from the Data

  • California has the most invites with 11, with Texas coming in a close second at 9. These are the two most populated states in the United States, so this isn’t very surprising.
  • The state that I personally expected to have the most invites before collecting the data was Ohio, due to it basically being the biggest hub for VGC-related activities. It still came in third, however, with 8.
  • An entire 25 states did not have a single invite. This isn’t too unusual, since only one of these states even had a Regional, and since most of them didn’t have a single event (including PCs and MSSs) the entire season. In contrast, basically every state with an invite besides Arkansas and Alabama had an event this season, showing how important TO’s are to the growth of VGC (thanks, y’all).
  • The top 6 states, which were California, Texas, Ohio, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey, had a combined 45 invites. This means that these 6 states have more invites than the entire rest of the U.S., which had 42.

Final Thoughts

I’m thinking about looking at the 2017 and 2018 seasons’ invitees to determine how the map has changed each year. Any help would be appreciated.

Shoutouts for helping me collect/edit the data:

  • A certain Discord
  • Mt. Silver Discord
  • LightCore

One comment

  1. You know, it’d be nice if they had more ways for people outside of TX, CA, NY, and OH to get points. PCs and MSSs are too few and far between in my area, and TPCi makes it hard for VGC leagues to get off the ground.

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