2019 World Cup of VGC Announcement

It’s been yet another packed year, and the Pokémon World Championships are once more behind us. We at Trainer Tower are excited to announce that, come September, we’ll be hosting the next season of the Pokémon World Cup of VGC!

In just four months’ time, VGC will be leaving the 3DS as a platform in favour of the Nintendo Switch. Six years of history, during which our scene grew and changed in many significant ways, will be coming to a close. We’ve crowned six world champions. We’ve seen radical shifts in the metagame through the introduction of Mega Pokémon, Primal forms, and Z-Moves. We’ve seen TPCi make sweeping changes to our tournament structure, and further changes and evolutions will be inevitable with the introduction of Sword and Shield for the Switch.

Whether or not you’re a fan of these changes or look forward to those yet to come, these past years have undoubtedly left their mark on our scene. For this reason, we’ll be dedicating this year’s World Cup to the 3DS era of VGC and the memories they hold. We’d love to celebrate our worldwide community more than anything, and show everyone why we love (and, at times, hate) taking this game so seriously.

And that’s why we’re making this the grandest World Cup yet!

8 past formats, 16 global teams, and nearly 200 of the world’s finest trainers.

All competing for the title of Champion.

You don’t want to miss this!

Regional Teams

There will be sixteen teams to represent our global competitive scene, with each team being run by one to two managers. These managers will recruit up to twelve top players from their respective regions to compete each week. Expect to see even more teams next year!

New Format

The 2019 World Cup of VGC will be played with all formats from 2014. Each format from 2014 up to and including 2019 Moon series will be given a slot, with the current 2019 Ultra series format being given three. That means there will be ten slots in total.

Each week, every team must pick a format to ban for the upcoming week. With two teams facing off every week, this will result in there being eight slots to choose players for. Should two teams pick the same format to ban, one 2019 Ultra series slot will be removed in addition to their pick.

After some lengthy discussion, we chose to implement this ban system as a means of including as many past formats as possible without harming the overall competitiveness of the tournament. Regions whose VGC scenes have established themselves more recently tend to struggle with older formats, while certain other regions may prefer them. This system allows for a healthy mix of formats, while still allowing teams to patch their weaknesses to a certain degree.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will start with a randomly determined group stage, where the sixteen teams will be sorted into four pools. Each team will play all other teams in their pool once. The top two teams from each pool will then proceed to playoffs through knockout elimination, eventually leading to the finals.


You’ll be able to follow the World Cup as it unfolds through both Twitter at @TrainerTower and @VGCWorldCup, as well as our official website. The most notable matches each week will be streamed on Twitch for spectators to tune into at twitch.tv/TrainerTowerPKMN, with an amazing pool of casters lined up volunteering to commentate them:

If you’re interested in joining our crew of casters, feel free to contact @TrainerTower on Twitter!

Furthermore, in the run-up to the tournament, we’ll be releasing articles on each of the participating teams. Keep an eye out for these if you’re interested in learning more about the history of VGC and getting to know the managers involved!

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