2019 VGC Worlds Day 2 Summary – Pre NAIC

Day 2 in NA

This year’s day 2 race has been extremely interesting. The top 6 have been killing it all year, with nine regional wins and five internationals top cuts this year alone. The top 4 are secured for day 2 and are really just playing for stipends. It is generally the same story for Nick and Justin however, they would appreciate top 64 cp to avoid a worst-case scenario where one of them misses day 2. Yihui and Wolfe are going in as the current 7th and 8th and will be trying to hold off Paul and Kyle who are right on their tails. They are mostly trying to outpace each other while also trying to prevent upstarts beneath them from winning the tournament.

Locked for Day 2 Worlds (2200-1502)

  • Ashton Cox
  • James Baek
  • Jeremy Rodrigues
  • Stephen Mea

Nearly locked for Day 2, need any cp (1340-1300)

  • Nick Navarre
  • Justin Burns

Top contenders for the last two slots, based on their above average cp counts and great recent finishes, expect the last slot to be taken by two of these four (1079-996)

  • Yihui Xu
  • Wolfe Glick
  • Paul Chua
  • Kyle Livinghouse

These players can make a push for the last two spots if the 4 players above don’t do well and they are able to make a deep, deep run (928-720)

  • Alex Underhill
  • James Evans
  • Zheyuan Huang
  • Raghav Malaviya
  • Brian Youm

These players can TECHNICALLY snag a spot but it requires them making finals (or winning) and pretty much everyone above them bombing (670-514)

  • Patrick Donegan
  • Angel Miranda
  • Cedric DeRouchie
  • Ian McLaughlin
  • Martin Gajdosz [CA]
  • Rajan Bal
  • Riley Factura
  • Louis Milich
  • Allan Martinez
  • Aaron Traylor
  • Collin Heier
  • Jake Magier
  • Enrique Grimaldo


The European day 2 race has gotten extremely tight the last few weeks. 14th-17th are all attending NAIC, if any of them get any cp, they are locked for day 2 and would kick out Riccardo Appeamea. If any of them miss, Riccardo gets locked and will be praying that Oliver Eskolin does not pass them.

  • 13th: Riccardo Appamea [IT] 915
  • 14th: Marco Kaladura Silva [IT] 902
  • 15th: Jonathan Marston [UK] 883
  • 16th: Jamie Boyt [UK] 877
  • 17th: Oliver Eskolin [FI] 876


Latam is a clean and simple situation, Javier Valdez needs any cp to pass Yan Sym (not attending) and claim the 8th slot.

  • 8th: Yan Sym 1111
  • 9th: Javier Valdes 1061


Oceania will have its 8th and 9th placers attending trying to overtake 7th place who is not attending. Kevin Ngim needs one of Graham Amdedee and Henry Rich to miss cp while any cp for either Graham or Henry will lock them

  • 7th: Kevin Ngim 988
  • 8th: Graham Amedee 962
  • 9th: Henry Rich 915

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