2018 Worlds Preview – Russia Edition

By Stephen Mea and Irina Tyurina

Russia is one of the most unexplored scenes in the whole of VGC. Unfortunately for the dedicated players there, Nintendo of Russia is very vague and at times misleading regarding the circuit and Worlds qualifications. Despite this, the Russian community has been an active hub for VGC players since 2014. In 2018, it was originally published that the Top 4 finishers at Russian Nationals would receive day 1 invites to the World Championships. However, due to the complications in obtaining US visas from Russia, the invites were awarded to those that already had visas for Nationals. There are three confirmed Russian worlds attendees and one still unsure of her attendance. Let’s meet and get to know the faces of the 2018 Russian scene and who we will see competing for the World Championship in Nashville.


1st: Sergei Salov (not attending)

  • 1st Russian Nationals 2018
  • 2nd Moscow Regionals 2015
  • Top 8 Russian Nationals 2016

2nd: Pavel Podkorytov (not attending)

  • 2nd Russian Nationals 2018
  • 1st Chelyabinsk Regional Stage 2015
  • Top 4 Russian Nationals 2015

3rd: Irina Tyurina

  • 3rd Russian Nationals 2018
  • 20th Malmo Regionals 2018
  • 2nd Russian Nationals 2015

4th: Nikolay Kucherenko

  • 4th Russian Nationals 2018
  • 22nd Worlds 2015
  • Moscow Regional Champion 2015

5th: Timur Galiev (not attending)

  • 5th Russian Nationals 2018

6th: Kirill Shishov

  • 6th Russian Nationals 2018
  • 1st Russian Nationals 2016
  • Worlds Competitor 2016

7th: Ksenia Shestopalova (not attending)

  • 7th Russian Nationals 2018

8th: Sergey Derendeev (not attending)

  • 8th Russian Nationals 2018
  • 1st Moscow Regionals Stage 2016
  • Top 8 Russian Nationals 2016

Top 16: Anastasia Rusakova

  • 15th Russian Nationals 2018
  • 1st Russian Nationals 2016 (Seniors)
  • Worlds Competitor 2016 (Seniors)

Standings after Swiss at Russian Nationals

@myxa465 for the photo

Russian Smart Money

Irina Turana

This was actually an incredibly difficult decision between two accomplished Russian players. Nikolay and Irina both have incredibly strong finishes at Russian Regionals and Nationals. They also both placed in the Top 4 of 2018 Russian Nationals. Their resumes come in two different types of results. Nikolay’s positive record at Worlds 2015 clashes with Irina’s above average results at 2018 Regionals. However, I’ll give the nod to Irina. International experience in the 2018 format will assist her greatly at Worlds. We wish the best for all of the Russian competitors and for them to make a big statement at the World’s biggest tournament.

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