Introducing the Trainer Tower Open

The time has finally come to announce the Trainer Tower Open! The Trainer Tower Open plans to be the largest online VGC18 tournament this year, and will be free to play for all players across the globe.

Tournament Details

  • VGC Format: VGC18
  • Tournament Format: Best-Of-Three Swiss; All players X-2 (2 or fewer losses) after the final round will play in a Best-Of-Three Single Elimination Top Cut
  • Platform: Pokemon Showdown (Cartridge is acceptable if both players agree but Pokemon Showdown takes precedence)
  • Sign Up: Sign up will be done through Battlefy.
  • Team Changes: Team submission will exist


  • Sign-Up: February 21st (8am GMT) to March 4th (8pm GMT)
  • Swiss Rounds (9 rounds): March 5th to May 6th
  • Top Cut (6 weeks): May 7th to June 17th

Team Submission

Team Submission is to be made here and must be done before Tuesday 8am GMT each week, or your team from the previous week must be used.

If a team is submitted after the round starts, it will be valid for the following week and not the current week already in progress. You may submit more than once, with your last submission before cut off being the team you will use.

All pastebins are confidential and can only be viewed upon request, and only by BargensVGC.

Sign Up!


Trainer Tower Circuit Points for entry into the Trainer Tower Invitational will be given. The prize pool currently sits at $1200 USD. Details on the circuit can be found here.

Placement Circuit Points Attendance Kicker
1st 150
2nd 130
Top 4 110
Top 8 90
Top 16 50
Top 32 30 129
Top 64 20 257
X-3 in Swiss 10 513

Resolving Matches

  • The winner of a match may submit their win on Battlefy
  • Replays are to be saved in case of dispute. You can launch a dispute on Battlefy and PM your flight leader on the Trainer Tower Forums with replays
  • Activity wins will be granted if there is clear activity, otherwise a Best-Of-One Macho Brace Self Destructing Snorlax mirror will decide the winner
  • Extensions of 24 hours may be granted under certain circumstances


The following will result in a tournament DQ:

  • Ghosting
  • Team Altering during rounds
  • Abusing the opponent

Thank you for your interest in the Trainer Tower Open! Any questions be directed to the Trainer Tower Circuit room on the Trainer Tower Discord.

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