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2018 Salt Lake City Regionals Preview

Written by Matthew Jackson

Coming off the LATAM International, players from all around the US will be heading to Salt Lake to try to prove themselves in the last Regional out west!

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While this may not be the most-attended Regional the US has had this year, that doesn’t mean players won’t be attending. Many players can wrap up their World’s invites by achieving points at this event, so expect solid competition this weekend! The entire Regional will be held on Saturday due to the massive payout MSS ($1000!), taking place on Sunday. This gives players little time to prepare for top cut and will be mentally draining.

Players to Watch

River Davis

Davis has built an incredible resume in his one year of competing. Having started a little over a year ago, he has obtained 3 Regional top cuts, including his Regional title out in Vancouver. River has also already qualified for the World Championships to boot. He is surely a strong candidate to perform well at this event, currently sitting at 457 CP, being tied for top 16 in North America.

Alberto Lara

To say Lara has had a good season would be a massive understatement. Alberto has almost top cut every single event he has gone to this circuit. He also has had 2 International top cuts, just getting 2nd at the LATAM International last week. Having over 1600 CP and almost securing his Day 2 Worlds invite, he will just be looking to add another trophy to his already giant collection.

Mitchell Davies

Davies is a very strong competitor playing this weekend. Mitchell has had an already great career, obtaining multiple Regional top cuts and an invite to the World Championships in 2016. Mitchell currently is at 337 Championship Points, and can secure his ticket to worlds with a top 16 finish. He is known to pilot interesting teams, so be on the lookout for him on stream!

Preston Clark

It would be a crime to not mention the previous Regional champion! Clark had his breakout performance last year, and he is looking to repeat it! He has not had the best success this format, only obtaining 64 points from two MSS. This type of situation is not unfamiliar for Preston though. Preston had 0 CP when he won the regional last year, so he knows how to perform on the big stage. Did we mention he won this Regional last year undefeated? Don’t sleep on the defending champ!

Adrian Sigler

Sigler has quietly built up a remarkable resume this season. He has only gone to two events, but he has cut both of them! After being knocked out of Top 16 Dallas Regionals after an impressive 8-1 run, Adrian runs it back and wins the Portland Regional Championships. Adrian is currently at 280 CP from those two Regionals, and is an absolute threat to win this entire tournament.

Joseph Selmer

Selmer has very quietly put together quite a season. Selmer achieved Top 4 at the Regional out in Costa Mesa this February. Selmer also made Day 2 of the North American International Championships last season. Selmer is no stranger to Day 2, to say the least. He has been performing very well in the online circuit as well, getting into top cut of the Trainer Tower Open with a respectable 7-1 record. Being at 392 CP, a mere top 4 PC finish could net him his invite, but don’t be surprised if ModernGamer earns his invite in a dramatic fashion.

Riley Factura

Cal State Fullerton alum Riley Factura recently won the Masters Division of the Pokemon Spring Regional Championships. He will compete in July’s Pokemon U.S. National Championships in Ohio.

Factura is no stranger to Regional success. Factura has managed to win 3 Regional Championships in his VGC career, and was able to ride the US Snowball last season, getting an automatic day-2 invite to the World Championships. Riley has been very silent this year, though. After top cutting the Vancouver Regional, he became prioritized in his business and has not been playing Pokémon. He has a long way to go if he wants to qualify, sitting at a mere 185 CP. Winning this Regional will put him just around his invite, which is entirely possible, as he won this very Regional in 2016. Will he be able to do it again?

Giovanni Costa

Costa has struggled this format, but he’s ready to prove himself. Giovanni piloted the Eevee archetype almost the entire 2017 season, and was the only pilot of Eevee at the World Championships. Unfortunately for all the Beli(eevee)rs, he did not make day 2 and his run was over. With high aspirations for the 2018 format and the reunion with his Gengar/Whimsicott core, Gio set out looking to dominate the metagame. Gio started out by placing second at the first midseason of the 2018 format. Other than a top 64 finish at the Oceana International, Giovanni has had no other notable finishes, despite almost having his invite, sitting at 367 CP. Can he beat the rut he has been in, obtain his invite, and top the leaderboards once again?

Smart Money

Matthew Greaves

Greaves has had a remarkable season, and it hasn’t been to incredible access to events. Matthew has not attended a Regional since San Jose regionals in the 2017 format. Going by Picklesword online, he has also had a very successful NPA season, going 7-3 for the Cruisers, and almost getting the MVP of the league. He has also dominated the local scene out in Utah, obtaining over half his invite from Midseasons.

He is a player you can put your trust in going into this event, as he has top cut Utah the last two times he’s attended. He’s qualified for World’s twice in the 2015 and 2017 formats, with his third time being this year, currently being 10th in North American CP. Picklesword has obtained a lovely brick already from San Jose, and he wants to add a championship one in front of his hometown crowd. Can he be the first to break the Smart Money curse??

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